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Are The Laws of the US Based on The Ten Commandments? January 28, 2008

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I have seen many Christians explain that the ten commandments should be displayed on public property because our laws are based on them. Let’s walk ourselves through the ten commandments, straight out of the bible and see how much it has influenced the laws of the United States.

I’ve heard there are two sources for the commandments in the Bible, for our purposes we will use the verses of Exodus 20.



“Does God Exist?” August 2, 2007

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Here are notes I made while reading William Lane Craig’s “Does God Exist?

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Atheism does not imply meaninglessness.

Atheism does not imply lack of hope for a better future. (It does put the onus of making the future better on us.)

Even if there is a god there is no “deliverance from aging, disease, and death”. Even if there is an eternal afterlife in paradise we still age, disease, and die.


Humanism, a first look July 27, 2007

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I do not wish to define myself by what I am not. This is my largest problem with the term atheist. It is a statement of something I do not believe, but really doesn’t say anything more than that. So I am seriously looking into Humanism for the first time.

If you have any experience or knowledge of Humanism, please share.


Funerals July 26, 2007

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Funerals are often religious affairs. This is understandable considering how much religions tend to concern themselves with what happens after death. After all if there is no afterlife there isn’t much point in religion. The last two times I have been in churches it has been for funerals.

The last was a Catholic funeral for an uncle of mine. This was not so bad. The most interesting aspect was how medieval it all was. It felt like it could have been going on 600 years ago and little would be different expect the dress of the attendees. The church was aware that many present were not members and did not proselytize nor expect nonmembers to participate in religious rituals.


Stop that! June 25, 2007

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To my fellow atheists/agnostics etc…:

Stop blaming all, the majority of, or any tragedies of the past on religion! (more…)