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Are The Laws of the US Based on The Ten Commandments? January 28, 2008

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I have seen many Christians explain that the ten commandments should be displayed on public property because our laws are based on them. Let’s walk ourselves through the ten commandments, straight out of the bible and see how much it has influenced the laws of the United States.

I’ve heard there are two sources for the commandments in the Bible, for our purposes we will use the verses of Exodus 20.



“For The People, By The People” ? September 17, 2007

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I am of two minds about the state of the US government, which is supposedly an institution for the people and by the people. On one side it seems obvious to me that the US was never run by the people and was never run for the people. It has always been run by the rich and the white, who grant those without power the benefit of governmental power only at their whim.

Of course, this has improved massively with time. Women, minorities and the poor have all gained much more access to the power structure than they previously had. On the other hand the power of the media and corporations has grown to the extent that the current democratic system is overwhelmed by the power of the constant corporate propaganda.

How can the voice of the underdog be heard in this country? Are the media setting the current political agenda?  Are global warming, health coverage and gay marriage just the play things that they let us rant about while the critical issue of who controls the power in this country remain hidden behind the curtain? Could a genuine grass roots movement have the power to change this country like it did in the 60s with the civil rights and anti-war movements?

Separation of Church and State Benefits (almost) Everyone June 11, 2007

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The separation of church and state is not a theist versus non-theist issue, though it is often portrayed that way in the major American media outlets, and among those that oppose or demonize it.

This clause in the first amendment to the US Constitution was intended to create (in Thomas Jefferson’s words) a “wall of separation between church and state”: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” This has come to be known as the “Establishment Clause”.

The purpose of the Establishment Clause was never to promote atheism or any kind of non-theism. The purpose if to prevent any religion or religious organization from using the power or resources of the government to push their religion on others. So if you are protestant and live in a Catholic majority community they cannot use public resource to the benefit of Catholicism and detriment of your church. The Mormon church which may be a large majority of the people in parts of Utah cannot use government resources to enforce their stringent ideas of morality on non-Mormons.


Dr. Death June 4, 2007

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With Dr. Jack Kevorkian being released from prison there is a lot of talk about how he was motivated to help the suffering relieve the misery of terminally ill patients.

Here is the well-documented truth about Jack Kevorkian. Whether you are in favor of euthanasia or not, Jack is a creepy guy with a lot of nutty ideas.