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This is the computer of the future. May 31, 2007

Posted by Joe in computers.

Microsoft Surface @ Popular Mechanics



1. Blog Guy - September 20, 2007

Joe I just did some research (being a computer nerd myself) and realized who you were. Your 71.203.195 right. You use comcast..Your OS is WinXP and your browser is IE7. I know this. You left the following comment on my blog a little while back….
Why Jesus Wouldn’t Be in Church Every Sunday
well, Jesus’ being consists of 100 percent man and 100 percent God. I believe Jesus would have been at church there buddy. Church is a form of encouragement that all humans long for. by saying that we need to be doing outreach more than church, makes people think they dont need to go to church. HELLO! church is about corporate worship and growth. Its about shaping relationships with others. it would be absolutely STUPID and i stress STUPID! thats like learning one thing about computers and working on them and then never learning again. time progresses. never going to church is like rotting in the pews. God gaves us those buildings for a reason. We are to use them. After the body has come together, then we can talk about outreach. if your church doenst do enough outreach…find a new one. youd be unintellegent not to. you can tell me that Christians grow even if they dont go to church…yep, they do…but Church is a place to learn and grow. if you are a Christian and never have the desire to fellowship with other christians…i, from my view point, start to doubt whether you are really a follower of Christ. and going to church on sunday mornings isnt going to build a relationship with someone. go alot. learn alot. especially if you desire to be a leader in the Church.

Why did you leave it signed as Anonymous? Just because you have deferent point of doesn’t mean you should shy away from talking. I hope you read the response I wrote to it.. I fear that you misinterpreted the message there. I do not think that abandoning the buildings are wise anymore than I think that we should not get comfortable in them. I assure that I testify of Jesus and He does live in me. It is Jesus in me that says talk to more people, go and work for me. Worshiping God in numbers can be great but it can be used as a safe haven from responsibility also.

2. Joe - September 21, 2007

Um… you must have me confused with someone else…


3. Blog Guy - September 22, 2007

I apologize. I must have gotten the wrong IP and info then. Someone left a comment and I have no way to get in touch with them other than tracking. I would really like to. I think they may have thought a post of mine was going a different direction than it was. Thanks.

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