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Who’s George? May 26, 2007

Posted by Joe in internet, life, money.

I don’t use cash much anymore. I would be completely happy if I was able to go completely cashless. There are those times when cash is needed though; snacks at a baseball game, buy-in for poker night, buying gas from those places that charge higher rates for credit cards. I’m sure there are more, too.

There is one thing I really like about cash, though. Every bill and coin has passed through so many different hands and has so many different stories. Every wrinkle, tear, stain, inkblot and fold are the marks of a hard journey through many lives. Used to buy gifts, used to buy food, used to buy drugs or weapons or toys. It would be very interesting to be able to search the folds and nicks of a well worn bill and read its sordid past.

This is why I Flipped for Where’s George? This is the site where you enter all the bills that you have by serial number. If someone else later finds the bill and enters it again, you’ll get an email. It will let you know where it was found and if the person is nice enough they can write a note telling how they got it or what they will do with it.

If you have any interest I highly recommend it. You may be disappointed at first, because it is a slow process. But if you have patience and enter a lot of bills eventually you will find one that someone else has entered, or you will get that email that says that someone has entered one that you started. It’ll help if you write http://www.wheresgeorge.com on the bill, too.

I have been entering every bill I have gotten my hands on since July of 2006 and I have 2 bills that I have ‘hit’, and 2 bills that I entered that others have ‘hit’. And as I may have mentioned I don’t use cash that much.



1. Tina B. - May 26, 2007

Pretty cool, I tried to get some bills from my husband but no luck, he said get your own! No, not really we just don’t have any yet. But I will try this.

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