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Why I started a blog today. May 25, 2007

Posted by Joe in atheism, blogs.

It was this blog entry at FriendlyAtheist.com that made me want to start my own blog: Why I’m Not An Angry Atheist.

Although I am an atheist I am a bit fascinated by the idea of religion. It seems odd to me that adults walk around everyday actively believing this stuff. When I get the hankering I go to IIDB and read the “deconversion” stories. I find them infinitely interesting (maybe some day I will write up my own here.) But many atheist internet forums or blogs devolve into argument, insult, preaching.

Reading FriendlyAtheist’s blog showed me that there are people on both sides of the god question that seek understanding and discussion instead of conflict. I thought to create an atheism blog in order to increase the understanding of atheism and to put out another positive atheist voice.

I am an atheist and that simply means that I have no belief in any god. It does not mean anything more than that. I am not anti-religious. I don’t hate or dislike people because they are religious. Most of the people I know and love are some flavor of Christian.

If anyone show enough interest in my blog to ever post a comment, I hope to keep it positive and avoid insult. If I ever cross that line in this blog please let me know. (I do reserve the right to insult people in my blog entries, just not commenters or my fellow bloggers.

Oh and I promise my next post will not be about atheism or religion.



1. Friendly Atheist » Why Did You Start a Blog? - May 25, 2007

[…] talks about why he started his new blog: Although I am an atheist I am a bit fascinated by the idea of religion. It seems odd to me that […]

2. Tina B. - May 25, 2007

Hi there. I came here via Friendly Atheist. I’ll be checking back to see your new post.

3. Richard Wade - May 26, 2007

Hi Joe, I’m one of Hemant’s happy heathens too. Nice layout and colors. If I think of a suggestion for a better name for your blog, I’ll offer it. Maybe it will name itself as you put up postings on various topics. The photo at the top is so lyrical I thought of “Scattered Thoughts and Gathered Friends.” Sorry if that’s too corny but maybe it will stimulate a better idea for you.

4. Joe - May 26, 2007

Thanks Tina and Richard!

The picture is just an appealing layout that I happen to grab. I don’t know that it really fits.

Thanks for posting feedback. I hope I can make this an interesting place to return to.

5. Hound Doggy - May 31, 2007

I, too, came here via Friendly Atheist. I’ll be checking in on you. It’s nice to read other people’s reasonable thoughts.

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